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Firm ValueFirm Value

In the midst of 21st Century’s overly competitive business and ever rising demand for speediness, the power from accumulated capital and enlargement without organizational capability, alone, may not guarantee the success of a company.

It is Kim & Yoon’s belief that the success of a company primarily depends on the interactive communication and mutual understanding between the people who are the integral part of the company as well as to whom the company provides services.

Knowing the client’s true interest in seeking our service and understanding in depth of client’s value is essential foundation for mutual attorney-client relationship.

Moreover, within the organization, it is important to establish a culture that allows to share creativity and values toward the targeted goal among the professionals.

Kim & Yoon’s philosophy around the importance of people able our professionals to build constructive relationships and devoted work environment, and such philosophy will be continued in the futures to come.

Kim & Yoon wishes that both clients and our professionals share the value of ‘happiness’ through the dedicated legal service to satisfy the needs of the client.

Kim & Yoon wishes to deliver not just a simple legal knowledge or just a resolution to a dispute, but ‘the happiness’ of the client.

The value of ‘the happiness’ that we wish to deliver are ensued sometimes in a way of speedy services, through affection or with regret from unreachable resolution, but ‘communication with client’ and ‘faithfulness to the client’ is always at the root of the value that we wish to deliver.

Ever since the first law firm was established in Korea in 1970’s, there have been many law firms that have risen and fallen. Kim & Yoon recognizes and has learned from these rise and fall of many law firms that providing legal services without true understanding of each clients, cannot lead to a satisfactory resolution that adds value to the lives of our clients.

Hence, Kim & Yoon sets “Beyond Legal – Adding Value to Your Business” as our business target and we will continue our best efforts to provide distinguished legal services with practicality, utmost dedication and expedition for all our clients.

Kim & Yoon, upon much appraisal and appreciation from our clients, has invested greatly to establish a customized legal service provision system to provide the best legal services for each of the clients’ needs with a professional belief that ‘only the satisfactory services may be provided’.

We are determined that our efforts will accomplish mutual happiness of our client and the firm.

With these values in mind, Kim & Yoon will continue to seek and secure the clients whom we will mature and communicate together as partners.

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