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Intellectual Properties&Information Technology

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Intellectual Properties & Information TechnologyIntellectual Properties & Information Technology

Kim & Yoon focuses in wide range of works necessary to protect intellectual property rights for brighter future of IT Korea, as well as offering legal services in disputes and protection of rights related to internet based businesses which recently been more frequent with the development of technology.

Particularly, through the collaborative system among the attorneys and the patent attorneys with specialized knowledge and expertise, Kim & Yoon has actively addressed wide spectrum of legal needs, providing accurate and immediate legal services.

  • Registration of intellectual property rights, such as patents, copyrights and trademarks, and seeking legal remedies, including damages and ban over infringement of such rights
  • Protection of the copyrights of the materials, including computer software, publications, albums, audio, video, on-line game, movies
  • Use and protection of the intellectual property, including e-commerce, knowhow and business secrets
  • Representing our clients in patent law suits and other disputes brought before the Korea Intellectual Property Office
  • Advice on the matters pertaining to character rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and title
  • Advice regarding the media, broadcasting and telecommunication

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